Digital Imaging I
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This class uses many different ways to make digital projects. We will be using Paint, creating 2-D Animations, and designing multiple projects in Adobe Photoshop. This is a great class if you are interested in graphic design, photography, or anything creative using computers!

Since you must follow Copyright rules, all the images we use in our projects must be in Public Domain to avoid any issues. Use the following sites (feel free to find more) to find images for your projects in our class:

Morgue File
Every Stock Photo
Flickr Commons
Public Domain Pictures
Google Life images

Information on Copyright:
Copyright Kids

Study our material in your free time or at home at our book website located below:
Cengage Brain Photoshop review site

End of Semester Survey
1.What did you like best about this class?
2.What did you like least about this class?
3.What would make this class better?
4.Would you recommend this class to other students? Explain why or why not.
5.What projects would you like to have completed?
6.What was/were your favorite project(s)?