Transitions 101/ Financial Literacy

This class is divided into two half credit classes:

                                                  TRANSITIONS 101
         Post secondary options                 Careers
The first 9 weeks will be TRANSITIONS 101. This is a great class to help transition into high school to prepare you to be successful in high school and focus on your options after you graduate!
We will go over topics such as:

  • Communication/ Presentation skills
  • Skills assessments
  • Post-secondary research
  • Career research
  • Employment skills


                 Financial Wordle        Piggy Bank



The second 9 weeks will be Financial Literacy. This is going to be a very beneficial and useful course for the students to use now and in their future! 

We will be discussing the topics below along with a few more throughout the 9 weeks:

  • Budgets
  • Banking
  • Credit/Debit CardsInsurance
  • Basic Money Skills
End of Semester Survey
1.What did you like best about this class?
2.What did you like least about this class?
3.What was the most beneficial thing you learned?
4.What would help make this class better?