Zoom Call

Today 6 Winfield High School students participated, by Zoom, in the largest gathering ever of West Virginia High Schools for a meeting with United States Senator Joe Manchin to talk about the US Service Academies.  Senior Nick Lanham, introduced Winfield High School to Senator Manchin. Students who apply to one of the US Services Academies are required to be recommended by a US Senator and face rigorous academic and physical requirement before being accepted. Of the tens of thousands that apply only approximately 4100 students are accepted across the 5 US Service Academies. Below you will find a statement from State Superintendent W. Clayton Burch on this historic event.  

September 22, 2021 will be a historic day! The West Virginia Board of Education shared with our office that there has not been a larger gathering of West Virginia Schools. “The U.S. Service Academies offer a unique and rewarding opportunity to earn a world-class education and the honor of serving our country,” said State Superintendent of Schools W. Clayton Burch. “West Virginia’s dedication to military service is second-to-none and represents the crossroads where Mountaineer spirit intersects with American pride. I thank Senator Manchin for bringing greater attention to the Academies by offering these informational calls. Our students are among the most dedicated and talented in the country, and taking their first steps into their bright futures via the U.S. Service Academies would serve them well.”