Today Winfield Future Leader Instructor, Technical Sergeant Nicole Snuffer, gave promotions to several FLP cadets. These promotions are based off time in the FLP program, leadership skills, and academic accomplishments.

Congratulations, gentlemen, on your promotions! WHS also would like to thank Technical Sergeant Snuffer for her hard work and dedication to the WHS FLP program.

Dillon Myers was promoted to Cadet Captain - Winfield FLP Company Commander. He is pictured (left to right) with Dr. Gabriel King, WHS Assistant Principal, Mrs. Catherine Schoolcraft, WHS Principal, and Technical Sergeant Nicole Snuffer.

Jacob Schilling (1st from left) and Jaxson Cunningham (2nd from left) - Cadet Sergeant - Squad Leaders
Tony Curtis - Cadet Lieutenant - Vice Company Commander/Platoon Commander (3rd from left)
Gabriel Wiersman - Cadet Staff Sergeant - Platoon Leader (4th from left)
Technical Sergeant Nicole Snuffer (far right)