After-School Tutoring

Please note that if no one has reported to after-school tutoring by 3:45, tutoring and bus transportation will be canceled for the day. Please report before 3:45 or notify the tutoring teacher that you will be arriving late.

After-School Tutoring Bus Routes

Limited bus transportation to the main roads in the Winfield district is available if you notify the tutoring teacher by 3:30 on the day that you stay. After-school tutoring buses only run main roads and must utilize drop-off points. Parents/guardians must be at drop-off points to meet the bus.

Bus 1002: Winfield to Fraziers Bottom

  • Winfield High School
  • Winfield Middle School
  • Winfield Elementary School
  • Poca Valley Bank
  • Ogden Media on Route 34
  • Pet Cemetery on Route 34 (drop-off for Crystal Springs)
  • Hurricane Creek Road Marathon Station (Rt. 817)
  • Country Roads Truck Stop at 5/20 (Rt. 817)
  • Fraziers Bottom Church of God (Rt. 817)
  • Buffalo Bridge

Bus 1005: 817 South to Scott Depot

  • Winfield Middle School
  • Winfield High School
  • 817 South to Scary Creek 7-Eleven (Stops can be made along this main road.)
  • Teays Valley Road to Bills Creek Road (Stops can be made along these main roads.

Bus 1802: Teays Valley to Scott Depot

  • Exxon/Holiday Inn Express Parking Lot on Rt. 34 in Teays Valley
  • City National Bank in Teays Valley on Poplar Drive
  • YMCA
  • Hidden Valley
  • Saddledowns
  • Morefield
  • Timberlake
  • Speedway
  • Save-a-Lot
  • Teays Valley Hardware (drop-off for Devonshire)
  • Greenbrier Hills
  • Sun Valley
  • The Woods
  • Rocky Step
  • Cheswal Road


  • Buses do not travel Rocky Step Road. Drop-offs are made at Poca Valley Bank in Winfield (bus 1002) and the Teays Valley Road entrance to Rocky Step Road (bus 1802).
  • Teays Valley Hardware (bus 1802) is the drop-off point for Crooked Creek.